Process optimisation through continuous improvement

Continuous improvement aims to optimise business processes as well as products and services. Simply put, process optimisation is the way in which the resources we invest in a business activity are as efficient and effective as possible. It seeks to solve any errors or problems that may exist in order to reduce time, costs and waste. To do this, it is essential to identify and eliminate activities that do not add value.

To achieve the highest level of optimisation, continuous improvement focuses on implementing small changes with the aim of achieving good results over the long term. It seeks to increase effectiveness and efficiency in order to meet business objectives. It is based on different methodologies such as Kaizen and the 5s.

Kaizen is a work discipline based on the belief that everything can be improved and that gradual and continuous change is positive. It is also the basis for continuous improvement. On the other hand, the 5s is a management technique based on five principles or five Ss, to achieve more organised, cleaner and more productive workplaces. The aim of these methodologies is to improve working conditions to benefit people and the organisation itself.

In order to implement continuous improvement in a company, it is important to follow a series of structured steps to identify the different existing business processes and define those that should be subject to improvement. Analyse the results to establish areas for improvement, necessary modifications and implement an action plan, and analyse the impact of the changes.

In order to achieve process effectiveness, everyone in the company must be involved. The active participation of all parties will enable the identification and subsequent optimisation of the various business processes. To this end, having user-friendly tools at everyone's disposal will facilitate the technique's consolidation. At Onlean we have developed two applications to facilitate the continuous improvement process.

The Onlean Kaizen app makes it possible to define improvement proposals and share them with everyone in order to find the best optimisation option. It is automatic and allows progress to be monitored using different tools. On the other hand, the Onlean 5s app makes it easy to monitor the 5s and possible to detect potential improvements, create standards and carry out audits, involving the different people in the company.

Implementing continuous improvement and process optimisation systems will increase productivity, improve teamwork and increase business profitability. It will also improve the image perceived by customers and employees.
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