How to reduce or prevent accidents in the workplace

Occupational safety is one of the main aspects to consider in any company or organisation. The term refers to the set of techniques and procedures that are designed to avoid, eliminate, or minimise risks in the workplace.

Applying effective preventative measures not only protects the health and safety of employees, but also reduces the number of casualties, reduces downtime in a company's production processes, and saves on the consequent costs associated with sick leave or insurance policies. In order to avoid or minimise the risk of an accident, it is important to identify the risk before the accident occurs. Being prepared and anticipating the event will allow you to develop a proper action plan to eliminate it. To do so, it is particularly importance to establish tools and channels that promote preventive, active, and participatory communication.

Safety is essential for us, and that's why we have developed the Onlean Golden Rules application. This allows you to manage and prevent accidents that compromise occupational safety, offering a broad view of all the actions that are being carried out or have already been executed.

The first step to minimise the risk of workplace accidents is to identify incidents and record them properly in the application. It is crucial to locate the key incident points, in order to create an effective action plan.

Once the incidents have been identified, the app allows them to be managed and investigated. When they involve major risks or critical situations, the responsible parties receive notifications by email. In this way, all levels of the organisation are involved.

You can then track prevention through dynamic audits and review the status of each area. This allows you to manage actions for improvement, and check if previous incidents have been resolved.

The app also allows you to manage the security status of the company through updated and accessible reports and indicators. To guarantee the continuous improvement of security, we offer continuous maintenance of the Onlean Golden Rules app, and provide the necessary support in each phase.

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